Revolutionary Technology
Building the future of personalized diagnostics and disease-modifying therapies
designed to work in concert with the immune system
Driven Minds
Our highly motivated team of scientists and collaborators are developing
novel immunotherapies and diagnostics for patients with autoimmune diseases
Precise Execution
Our approach to precision medicine combines pioneering
scientific insights with novel analytics, therapeutics and diagnostics
Patient Focused
Our clinical development programs are designed to
address the needs of patients with autoimmune diseases
About ImmusanT

ImmusanT is a clinical development-stage biotechnology company focused on an innovative disease-modifying approach to induce immune tolerance in autoimmune diseases. Using our proprietary discovery platform for targeted (epitope-specific) immunotherapy, ImmusanT is developing a therapy and personalized diagnostics for celiac disease and is expanding to other autoimmune diseases including Type 1 diabetes.

We are now recruiting for clinical trials in celiac disease.

One Kendall Square
Building 200
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-299-8399