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ImmusanT is committed to the discovery and clinical development of innovative therapies for celiac disease, an autoimmune-like condition caused by an immune reaction to gluten proteins. ImmusanT’s approach is based on restoring immune tolerance, or non-responsiveness, to gluten and thus offers a therapeutic promise that will improve symptoms and quality of life for patients without the burden of a lifelong gluten-free diet.

ImmusanT's lead product, Nexvax2®, has been shown to be safe and effective in Phase 1 studies; Nexvax2® selectively modifies the immune response to gluten and improves the tolerability of gluten during controlled challenge studies and in parallel leads to a marked reduction of the biomarkers of inflammation.

ImmusanT's revolutionary technology, known as the Epitope-Specific Immuno-Therapy (ESIT) platform, is the basis of ImmusanT's lead candidate, Nexvax2®, which promises to be the first therapy ever to demonstrate restoration of antigen-specific tolerance in a human autoimmune disease. In addition, this platform has informed the development of Nexvax2® companion and standalone diagnostics, which aim to provide precise and informative results for the diagnosis and monitoring of celiac disease. The platform is being expanded to other MHC Class II related indications, including Type 1 diabetes.