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ImmusanT is leveraging its revolutionary proprietary technology to translate basic science to precision clinical therapeutics and diagnostics to address unmet medical needs. The platform is initially being utilized to develop a novel therapy and diagnostic for celiac disease, and in parallel is being expanded to other MHC Class II related indications. Approximately 30% of adults with celiac disease have other autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and/or thyroid disease. Accordingly, potential value-generating opportunities from this platform include type 1 diabetes, thyroid autoimmunity, autoimmune liver diseases, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, among others. ImmusanT’s epitope screening approach further enables development of treatments for allergies with defined peptides, such as peanut allergies that are caused by specific peanut proteins.

Our lead candidate, Nexvax2®, is a targeted immunotherapy indicated for the treatment of celiac disease. Nexvax2® therapy has completed Phase 1 clinical trials and a Phase 2 clinical trial is in process.

For more information about the Nexvax2® therapeutic and diagnostic, please see our Celiac Disease Programs page.

For more information about type 1 diabetes and our work, please see our Type 1 Diabetes page.

ImmusanT Clinical Development Pipeline