John Dzuris, BS, MS, PhD
Director of Immunology – Lab Head

John L. Dzuris comes to ImmusanT with 14 years of diverse experience in drug discovery and translational research. He has extensively applied immunological and molecular approaches to study and identify different classes of therapeutics for infectious diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases. Prior to joining ImmusanT, Dr. Dzuris spent over 10 years at Genzyme Corporation, where he most recently served as Associate Director of the Cellular Immunology group that he established in Discovery Research. His work focused on identifying small molecule drugs and biotherapeutics, including peptides/proteins, for immune modulation in transplant and autoimmune disease and the identification of new targets and biomarkers using a proteomic platform. Prior to that, Dr. Dzuris served as a Senior Scientist at Genzyme, where he helped in the discovery and development of vaccines for oncology and infectious diseases. Previously, Dr. Dzuris was a Senior Scientist at Wyeth Corporation in the Department of Viral Immunology, where he conducted viral vaccine discovery research. Early in his career, he served as a Staff Scientist at Epimmune, Inc., where he worked to develop DNA and peptide based vaccines for oncology and infectious diseases. His work at Epimmune also determined similarities that exist between human and non-human primate immune responses which could be used as a model for pre-clinical evaluation of vaccine efficacy.

John received his BS degree in microbiology from the Ohio State University and his MS degree in microbiology from Louisiana State University. He received his PhD from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology from Temple University School of Medicine, where his studies concentrated on retroviral escape from host immune responses. He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the Department of Microbiology.