Gautam Goel, PhD
Director, Precision Medicine

Gautam Goel serves as Director of Precision Medicine at ImmusanT and is responsible for overseeing implementation and execution of disease area strategy.  He also oversees platform expansion. with a predominant focus on timely execution of biomarker activities to support decision making. He is passionate about impacting patient health by researching integrated diagnostic and therapeutic solutions at the interface of human genetics and personalized medicine. He is an entrepreneurial collaborative scientist with a track record of innovative research uncovering mechanistic aspects of disease formation, progression and clinical response.

Prior to joning ImmusanT, he worked as a Research Fellow for over 8 years at the Center of Computational and Integrative Biology in Massachusetts General Hospital with the Chief of Gastroenterology Division, Ramnik J. Xavier. Working in a multidisciplinary environment with physicians, immunologists, molecular biologist and chemists, he completed >50 projects investigating mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and discovering drug candidates, resulting in ~40 publications and 2 provisional patents. His unique talents for integrative analysis of disparate multi-dimensional data enabled novel insights into immunometabolism (in collaboration with Prof. Luke O”Neill, Ireland) and preferential polarization of macrophages in chronic infection (in collaboration with Prof. Skip Virgin, WUSTL), eventually leading to highly cited publications in Nature, Science, and Cell Metabolism. At the Broad Institute, he spearheaded design and development of computational pipelines to support early stage discovery in functional genomics and small molecule screening programs that directly resulted in assigning functional roles of previously uncharacterized genes and lead compounds into functional pathways. These projects, which were funded by The Helmsley Trust, laid the foundation for Genes-2-Drugs program and led to numerous publications in journals including Elife, Immunity, Cell Reports, PNAS and Nature Communications. He also drove analysis for multi-centered studies investigating patient-to-patient variation in IBD (SHARE Consortium) and West Nile Virus infection (NIH-HIPC in collaboration with Prof. Ruth Montgomery, Yale) as manifest in targeted –omics and functional datasets derived from disease relevant tissues. He was also instrumental in performing integrative analysis of multidimensional safety, PK, PD and immunological data for ImmusanT’s Phase I trials that were reported in Lancet Gastro Hep in 2017.

In addition to research activities, he has also been involved in entrepreneurial activities on the side, receiving several awards including the MGH-Samsung Innovation award at MIT Hacking Medicine Challenge in 2014 and prestigious international design awards for developing concepts in healthcare technologies applied to hospital staff management and elderly care in 2012 and 2013.

Gautam received his MS and PhD in Bioengineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 where he specialized in Dynamical Systems Analysis and Systems Biology under the tutelage of Prof. Eberhard O. Voit. Before his Ph.D., he worked at Motorola Research Labs for 5 years in multiple roles to lead product and platform development for the mobile software division.